1 May. 2018

What Color matches Your Zodiac?

Aries: You are confident, sultry, and passionate

Go for: red, orange, rust

Taurus: You are Feminine, nurturing, sensual, and practical

Go for: orange, peach, soft neutral pinks

Gemini: You are Naturally creative, expressive, always ready for a good time but you can also be serious and reserved.

Go for: Yellow, dusty rose, mauve, neutral green

Cancer: You are caring, passionate, exciting, and sympathetic

Go for: White, seafoam green, yellow

Leo: You are strong willed, self-starter, warm, and Bold

Go for: Gold, Bronze, Purple, Deep Reds

Virgo: You are intelligent, patient, humble, reserved, and earthy

Go for: Grey, black, Sky blue

Libra: You are peaceful, loving, and can be indecisive at times (no worries, we’ve got you)

Go for: Cream, blue, Pastel Pink, Black

Scorpio: You are resourceful, brave, magnetic, and sexy

Go for: Violet, Black, Dark Pink

Sagittarius: You are optimistic, energetic, and have a can-do attitude

Go for: Yellow, dusty blue, orange

Capricorn: You are Minimal and practical

Go for: Grey, Navy, black, khaki

Aquarius: You are unpredictable, intelligent, and a social butterfly

Go for: Black- it’s your favorite!

Pisces: You are artistic, Intuitive, and extremely helpful

Go for: yellow, pastel pinks, purples, and blues

How to: Find the best red for your skin tone

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