16 Apr. 2018

How to: Find the best red for your skin tone

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enter image description here COOL: (shown above) Cool undertones best suit blue based reds. Go for a blue based raspberry or even a classic true red. A pinky-red is also an excellent choice. Cool undertones best suit darker reds as well, such as a deep burgundy or wine as they contrast well against your skin tone.

enter image description here WARM: (shown above) Warm undertones best suit an orange/yellow based red. These warm shades will complement the natural yellow hues in your skin perfectly.

enter image description here NEUTRAL: (shown above) Neutral undertones suit a wide range of reds from bright to rich and dark. Because your skin’s undertone is a perfect balance between warm and cool, there’s little need to worry about which shades would clash against your skin tone, they most likely won’t. You can pull off virtually any red! If we chose one specific red for this undertone we would recommend a classic true red.

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