28 Jun. 2018

Marble Manicure

What you need:

Nail cleanser

Base coat

Sheer white

Very light grey

Medium grey


Matte Top coat

Eye shadow sponge applicator

Thin pointed brush

enter image description here

Step 1: After cleansing each nail, apply a layer of base coat to them. Then, apply 2 thin coats of the sheer white, and let fully dry.

enter image description here enter image description here

Step 2: Apply a bit of the light grey to the sponge applicator and begin to apply it to the nail in patting motions. Repeat this with the medium grey lacquer over top to add dimension. This acts as a background color to our marble effect.

You should have something like this.

Step 3: Taking your black polish on the thin pointed brush, draw rigid lines going in unparalleled directions. While the nail polish is still wet, take a bit of your base coat with a brush and “blend” the harsh lines.

enter image description here

Step 5: Apply a matte top coat to each nail to finish up.

enter image description here

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