22 Jan. 2018

How To Achieve The Perfect Mani


It’s a lot easier to achieve the Perfect manicure at home than you might think. Whether it is that your busy schedule prevents you taking a trip to the nail salon or you simply need a fresh look to compliment a new outfit in under 15 minutes, these steps will guarantee a Pro-look. All you need is a few tools, a trendy nail lacquer and Viola!, you’re ready to go.

Here’s what you need:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Nail file
  • Nail clipper
  • Cuticle remover
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle nipper
  • Nail buffer
  • Base coat
  • Nail lacquer
  • Top coat
  • Cuticle oil/balm

Step 1:

Remove current nail polish (if any) with a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover. Tip: Using a non-acetone remover will be gentler on the skin and nail than using one containing acetone. It is important to remove all polish to ensure a clean look before beginning.

Step 2:

Cut (as needed) and shape nails to your liking using the nail clipper and filer. Tip: using a less coarse nail filer will prevent premature nail peeling and splitting. This step is crucial to the perfect manicure as it gives the nail a more precise and cohesive look when they are all the same length and shape.

Steps 3:

Apply Cuticle remover to cuticles and leave on for 10-15 seconds. Push back unwanted cuticles and dead skin on the nail bed. Using the cuticle nipper clip away any excess overgrown cuticle being careful not to cut too deeply as you do NOT want to Nip away the entire cuticle area, just simply the excess. Wash hands immediately after this step.

Tip: Cuticle remover is quite effective in removing cuticles from the skin and can cause damage to the skin around the nails if not cleaned away properly.

Step 4:

Buff and smooth Nails. Using the Nail Buffer, buff the sides, top, and edges of the nail until smooth to touch. This will ensure that the nail polish has a smooth base for a seamless application.

Steps 5:

Apply base coat. Applying a base coat before nail lacquer helps the color adhere to the nail and aids in the longevity of the manicure.

Step 6:

Now that your nails are properly prepped, it’s time for the exciting part, applying your newest favorite shade! Be sure to apply the lacquer from top to bottom including the sides of each nail. It is best to apply two coats of nail lacquer, waiting for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.

Tip: It is better to apply multiple thin coats to achieve full coverage than applying one thick coat. This will ensure nails will dry evenly and will prevent unwanted smudges.

Step 7:

Apply Top Coat and moisturize. Applying a top coat seals in your manicure and adds incredible shine! Follow up by applying cuticle oil or balm to each nail to moisturize.

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