15 Apr. 2019

KirFlex Kooler- Cooling Base Coat

Introducing April’s hottie of the month, Kirflex Kooler- The Cooling Base Coat.

Seize the summer and cool off your fingertips with our brand-new cooling base coat. With our kirflex technology, this base coat is designed to help create a strong bond between the nail surface and the nail lacquer. It is also formulated with an exclusive hybridized multi-functional acrylic polymer.

Refreshing peppermint, eucalyptus, and mint cool the surface of the nail plate and prepare it for an effortless and long-lasting color application.

How-To-Use: Brush one thin, quick-drying 60-second coat onto natural nails before the application of any color.

For more information or samples of this product, please contact sale at marketing@kirkerent.com

April showers bring may...Manis !

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