1 May. 2019

April showers bring may...Manis !

What you need : Base coat

Peachy nude nail lacquer

White nail lacquer

Yellow lacquer

Glossy top Coat

Dotting tool

Step 1: after prepping nails with base coat, apply two coats of the peachy nude nail lacquer to each finger except the ring finger.

enter image description here

Step 2: dip dotting tool into white nail lacquer and draw five dots in a wide circle to create the illusion of a white flower. Continue to draw them spaced out throughout the nail.

enter image description here

Step 3: dip dotting tool into the yellow lacquer and fill in the center of the flowers with one dot of the yellow. Let dry completely.

enter image description here Step 4: After your design is completely dry, apple 1 coat of a glossy top coat to seal in your new manicure.

enter image description here


KirFlex Kooler- Cooling Base Coat