3 Apr. 2018


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Keep nail lacquer bottles stored in a dry, dark, room temperature space. Why? Polish that is stored near direct sunlight can cause pigments to fade or change color. Storing nail polish in a bathroom where it is often exposed to humidity can ultimately compromise the formula.

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Keep your polishes stored sitting upright! Having your polish on its side or upside down can cause the polish to seep into the cap making it nearly impossible to use.

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Before polishing your nails, roll the polish between both hands for 5 – 10 seconds. Do NOT shake the polish. Shaking the polish can cause tiny air bubbles inside of the lacquer making for an uneven application and a shorter shelf life.

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Immediately after painting your nails, be sure to turn and close the cap firmly. Polish that is closed incorrectly will allow air to enter, causing the polish to dry much faster than it normally would otherwise.

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