16 Jul. 2018

7 Tips to Keep Your Mani on Longer this Summer

• Use a nail cleanser to remove all dirt and oils from the nails before applying a base coat.

• Go for a sticky base coat to ensure the polish will adhere to the nails. – apply 2 coats.

• Roll, instead of shaking your nail polish. Shaking it can create air bubbles within the polish causing it to apply unevenly, in turn raising the possibility of early chipping.

• While painting your nails, don’t forget to paint the free edge. Doing this seals the polish on the entire nail, making it less likely to chip at the tips.

• Wait until polish is completely dry before applying a top coat.

• Re-apply your top coat every 2 to 3 days to revive shine and prevent chipping.

• Apply cuticle oil to keep nails and cuticles well hydrated! (Especially if you’re spending time at the pool or beach)

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