7 Dec. 2018

Veggie Tales Cuticle Oil

As we are approaching the cooler months of the year, we all know, the first thing we notice is how dry our hands and cuticles can become. Even after applying hand lotion throughout the day, we notice our cuticles still may look dehydrated and cracked. As a result, this may cause your cuticles to peel and bleed if picked. Talk about discomfort, right? We’ve all been there, not fun! That is why it is crucial to keep your cuticles and nail plate moisturized and conditioned all year around to maintain healthy beautiful nails, especially in the fall and winter seasons.

In the recent years, as a society, we have been more conscious on what we put in our bodies. We have been drinking more water and steadily increasing our vitamin intake. So, the question begs, why not give our nails the same treatment?

December’s hottie of the month is our Veggie Tales hydrating cuticle serum. This innovative formulation is not what you would expect from your average cuticle oil, its more. While still being super hydrating, it is far less “greasy” than most cuticle oils you may be familiar with. When applied, it rapidly penetrates and seemingly sinks in the cuticle area as well as the nail plate, leaving your hands feeling less “oily”. It is also enriched with several nourishing ingredients including apple, banana, broccoli, tomato, and carrot additives. What is there not to love about this?

                                      HOW TO USE:

Apply after each time you wash your hands during the day, or before bed to maximize the moisture benefits. Your cuticles will surely thank you.


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