15 Mar. 2019

The perfect palette for your target customer this spring/summer 2019

With the warmer months quickly approaching, we thought it would be perfect opportunity to talk about what colors are trending this year and who for.

Now more than ever we are seeing what is old is new again. A retro revival if you will, and the millennials are here for it. 2019 is the year of strong women walking into themselves and empowering other women as they grow through their journey in different walks of life. With that being said, all women do not have the same tastes or preference when it comes to nail lacquer shades. So, for spring summer 2019, we picked out a palette for four different kind of women.


The naturalist is tranquil and modest, with a relaxed style

Trend colors: Nudes, Light cool toned blues


The modernist has an energetic balance of soothing simplicity and is drawn to contemporary design

Trend colors: Soft pastels Acidic brights, energetic shades like yellow and mid-toned blue


The Urbanist is electric and street savvy, yet mysterious and intriguing

Trend colors: Deep shades of red, Deep shades of blue and green


The culturalist is bold and brave

Trend colors: bright primary colors, neons

For more information or samples of trend shades, please contact sales at marketing@kirkerent.com

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