31 Jan. 2019

Is Matte polish still in?

If you think matte is out of trend, think again, ladies! It’s still hot and there’s so many ways to create different looks. Having a matte top coat in your product line Is essential. It allows consumers to transform their favorite colors in your line to a different finish. With Kirker, you can actually customize how matte you want a top coat. You can go with full matte, satin matte or semi matte. With one SKU, your customers will be able to spice up and transform their day manicure into a sleek night look.

Here’s how we like to use our Matte Top Coat

Option 1: Paint all your nails any desired color, then apply a matte top coat for a classic chic look. Paint it over black to achieve a "leather" like effect.

enter image description here

Option 2: Have some fun! Use a combination of matte and glossed nails with a simple design for a bold, eye catching manicure.

enter image description here

For more information, or samples of a Matte Top Coat to test, contact sales at marketing@kirkerent.com

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