22 Jan. 2018

How To Pick The Perfect Shade For Your Skintone


Most of us women have this thing in common where we never seem to pick out a color for ourselves at the nail salon quick enough. We usually go back and forth between a few shades and end up picking a totally different color in the end. And, sometimes even then, we still aren’t sure we like it. Some may say this is due to indecisiveness, I say most women just simply do not know what color best suits their skin tone. After gathering information from our color specialists, here’s a guide to pick the hottest color for YOU.

Fair Skin

Cool toned colors

  • Nude: A sheer blue based pinky nude is best complimented on light skin tones.
  • Red: Classic blue based reds and berries
  • Blue: Deep cool toned navy
  • Purple: lilac, lavender

Medium – Olive Skin

Warmed toned colors

  • Nude: Opaque, light shades of brown with yellow undertones, cream
  • Red: Orange based reds and pinks
  • Orange: Soft oranges, peachy tones
  • Green: Olive green with yellow undertones
  • Wild card option: METALLICS! Metallic shades are fun and can play up any look on warm to olive skin tones!

Deep Skin

Bold and Fun Colors

  • Purple: Bright purples and deep plums
  • Pink: play up fun pinks like magenta and fuchsia
  • Blue: Go for that intense cobalt blue as appose to a lighter and softer blue
  • Pastels: Peachy pinks, oranges, and greens and yellows

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