2 Oct. 2018

Black Marble Manicure

What you need:

Base coat

Black, white, and sheer white nail lacquer

Matte top coat

Thin pointed detail brush

Step 1: Paint 2 coats of black nail lacquer to each nail after priming. Let dry completely.

Step 2: Dip your detail brush into the sheer white and paint shaken lines in random directions. This doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s not meant to be!

enter image description here

Step 3: Use the detail brush to lightly blend out the edges of each line created.

enter image description here

Step 4: With the opaque white, draw thin shaken lines in the same directions the other lines were made it. This time do not blend out the edges. We are adding dimension to create a realistic marble effect. Let dry completely.

enter image description here

Step 5: After nails are fully dried, apply a thin layer of matte top coat to finish the look.

enter image description here

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